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"Jarose Kaloud Lotus Package Deal"

"Jarose Kaloud Lotus Package Deal"

Our Jarose glass hookah you will experience a cleaner and much smoother smoke than what the traditional hookah will provide.  Jarose Kaloud set up is easy to pack and easy to clean.   Cleaner more flavorful puffs, our hookah doesn't get harsh and is very smooth.  No grommet necessary with most Hookah Stems.  You will never experience your sessions in the same way, ever.


     Black JaRose Leather Case for your hookah with Kalound lotus set up (portable- can be taken on your vacations, family parties, and etc).  This package is great who loves smoking hookah wants to make sure they get the best of the best set up that comes with the Kaloud lotus extra bowl, upgraded kaloud lotus heat management, flavors, coals everything you need to be the best". For local pickups you get the package and one on one set up and smoke session for free."

    • Beautiful lock leather Case
    • Glass tower hookah,
    • Glass purge valve,
    • Glass ash tray,
    • Glass hookah bowl,
    • Glass silicone hose,
    • Male to male adapter (can be used to set up with different hookah bowls),
    • Tongs
    • Heat management,
    • LED light w/ remote (batteries not included)  
    • 1 Kaloud Lotus Silicone with Lotus Head Management
    • 1 Box of Coals 72pcs
    • 1 flavors of choice 250 grams
$400.00 Regular Price
$360.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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